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Find your flow: Women's seasonal yoga workshops

In ancient times we lived by the seasons, the Sun and Moon and the innate cycles of nature.Nowadays we’ve become disconnected from the earth’s rhythm and therefore, the natural rhythm of our own bodies.

By tuning in to the changing of the seasons and the cosmic energies around us we can begin to tune into to our unique ebb and flow, rediscover our inherent cyclical nature and find harmony, connection and realignment to our vitality and feminine power.

I’ve been working with the Moon and the Celtic Wheel of the Year as a way to reintegrate my body’s consciousness with the wisdom and consciousness of Mother Earth and the cosmos. It’s been a powerful healing journey and is integral to my self-care regime and spiritual practice.

I’m delighted to share my learnings with you throughout 2018 with six-weekly seasonal yoga workshops special events, focused on slowing down, dropping into stillness and being rather than doing. Suitable for all levels including complete beginners we’ll explore a range of slow, deep and gently nourishing practices, drawing on Well Woman Yoga elemental flows, passive and cooling

Yin inspired poses and restorative yoga to calm and reset the nervous system.

Join me on a journey to reclaiming your inner radiance and cyclical wisdom.