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Moon Circle May 2018

  • Whitton, TW2 United Kingdom (map)
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When women come together and make a commitment to each other to be in a circle with a spiritual center, they are creating a vessel of healing and transformation for themselves, and vehicle for change in their world.
— Jean Shinoda Bolen

Sacred Space

The monthly women’s Moon Circle is an intimate, sacred space for ritual, ceremony and transformation. Open to women and girls from Menarche (onset of Menstruation) to Menopause and beyond and those identifying as women, who long to reconnect with or discover their feminine power, cyclical wisdom and experience the joy of Sisterhood.

Why follow the Moon?

Whether we realise it or not, as women we’re intimately connected with the Moon and her eternal cycle of death, rebirth and renewal. When we follow the Moon’s phases and embrace her waxing and waning energy we can begin to find our own flow and the sacred flow of the Universe, harnessing the potential La Luna offers for healing and transformation.

Circle Symbolism

Circles are commonly found in Sacred Geometry and represent regeneration, protection, wholeness and unity. When we come into a sacred Circle with a group of likeminded women we come as equals, to see and be seen, listen and be heard, love and be loved.

What happens at a Moon Circle?

As each Moon is different so each Circle is different. We talk, laugh, chant and sing, breathe consciously and meditate mindfully, perform rituals and ceremonies appropriate to the Moon phase and most importantly, we come together, exactly as we are, to support each other from a place of love, compassion and non-judgement.

If you're not sure if the Moon Circle is for you then please email me to find out more!

The cost is £10 including tea and healthy treats. Please wear something comfortable that you can sit in, and bring a warm layer in case we venture outside.