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About me

I first stepped onto a yoga mat in 2008. Not being naturally flexible I found it challenging at first, even simple poses that I now take for granted felt like an impossible task. But something made me keep going back and over time I began to notice when I was doing yoga I wasn’t thinking about anything else. My mat became a place where I could heal and transform, a place where I could find inner peace and remember my spirituality.

Deciding to become a teacher was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I graduated as a Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher in 2014. As any yoga teacher will tell you the learning never stops. I’ve studied Well Women Yoga Therapy, learned to lead Kirtan (devotional chanting) and become a Reiki Master. Every month I research a new theme to keep my knowledge up to date and my classes fresh and interesting for my students…it’s one of the parts of my job that I love the most.

I believe yoga is about more than just building strength and flexibility, it’s a way of thinking, feeling and being and gives us tools to help us in our every day lives. Through my teaching I aim to show you how you can take those tools off the mat and into the world to help you feel calmer, happier and grounded. In addition to weekly classes I specialise in helping women rediscover their inner radiance and realign with the best version of themselves. Working closely with the earth’s seasons and the cycles of the Moon I lead monthly women’s circles, yoga workshops and immersive day and weekend retreats to support and guide my clients on their transformational journey.

I have been going to Amanda’s classes for two years and hate to miss them as they support me so much in all aspects of my life. Amanda is very caring and has a lovely warm and calming presence. She provides incredibly clear instructions and a range of options to ensure people at all levels know what to do. Amanda is always extremely well prepared and her classes are very well thought through and work to develop both the mind and body. I have also attended a yoga retreat led by Amanda which was very nourishing, relaxing and enjoyable and which supported me in reflecting and moving forward on aspects of my work and life. I wholeheartedly recommend Amanda’s classes and retreats. They are an important part of my week and as well as helping me become more flexible and stronger, they also help me to maintain balance and peace in my life.
— Anne Rae